Self-Bondage #1

Self bondage 1

This text and images were taken from Bondage Life!  If you are ever wanting to try self-bondage then this is the best cinch cuff around.  Practice and learn this cool idea.

When your are into the Bondage Lifestyle and you can not find the time with your partner to get tied or to be tied, sometimes you need to take the matter into you own hands!  Today, we are going to give the perfect opportunity to learn how to put yourself into a perfect hogtie or ball tie. Remember though once you do self-bondage take the time to put safety precautions into place, like: 1) Tell someone you know to check on you in a certain time frame. 2) place a knife or other cutting tool near by. 3) Do it right before your partner gets home, but always remember that YOUR life is more important than anything else in this world!

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